Sales Branches

The social spectrum, colleagues, customers, competing companies and investors recognize the complex as a well-organized, disciplined and committed company to fulfill the brokerage operational objectives. Beholden to the growth and development and benefitting from expertise knowledge and employing creative and expert employees, PARSIAN AZIM KHODRO Co., has become as a benchmark for other companies in order to measure their performance. Observing ethical and social etiquettes, respecting others, integrity and trustworthiness sticking to organizational functional plans and plan-oriented processes could be seen as organizational feature of the company personnel.

Head office

Azim khodro Building, Near Behnoush Factory, Shahid Pouri St. (Koohak Blvd), 9th kilometer of Lashkari Rd, Tehran.. Tel: +9821 44575317

Sohrevardi Branch

No. 304, after Mirzayi zeinali Cross, North Sohrevardi St., Tehran.. Tel: +9821 88526690-91

Tehranpars Branch

West 138th St., to Damavand St., First Tehranpars Sq., Tehran.. Tel: +9821 76710719&21

Sa'adat Abad Branch

No. 157, Before Motahari Intersection, Darya Blvd., Sa'adat Abad St., Tehran. Tel: +9821 86128397

North Karegar Branch

No. 1276, Fatemi Intersection, North Karegar St., Tehran. Tel: +9821 66425656 Fax: +9821 66921916

Farjam Branch

No. 191 & No. 193, Between Seraj and Bagheri Freeway, Farjam St., Tehran. Tel: +9821 77700017 Fax: +9821 77700017

Ayatollah Kashani Branch

No. 142, opposite of gas station, Ayatollah Kashani Blvd., Tehran. Tel: +9821 44971697 Fax: +9821 44005365

Mulla Sadra Branch

No. 16, opposite of Stock Exchange Organization, Mulla Sadra St., Vanak Square. Tel: +9821 88871189 Fax: +9821 88785146

AZIM KHODRO (Saipa Representation, Code: 5749)

No. 140 & No. 142, opposite of gas station, Ayatollah Kashani Blvd., Tehran. Tel: +9821 44974925 Fax: +9821 44967919

17 Shahrivar Branch

Opposite of Sadat Mousavi Educational Institute, 17 Shahrivar St., before Shohada Square, Tehran. Tel: +9821 36830650 Fax: +9821 36830659

Andarzgoo Branch

No. 9, Next to Kaveh Blvd., Andarzgoo towards Shariati. Tel: +9821 22212915 Fax: +9821 22212915

Alborz Province Branch

Opposite of Refah Bank, Daneshamouz Blvd., Mehrvila, Karaj. Tel: +9826 32764301 Fax: +9826 32705690026