CEO’s Message

CEO's Message

In the name of God

In the complex conditions of business world, factors such as competition and globalization, volatility and instability of the market environment, the reduction of governmental ownership, the growth of corporations and business agencies, and their efforts to gain more market share and also the possibility of entering and new profitable activities, has led to integration and grouping companies into holding companies not only in developed countries, but also in developing countries.

with the grace of God Almighty and endless efforts of managers and employees, taking advantage of the young and expert labor force, as well as orienting to the high goals set forth in its strategic plans, we are honorable to perform his economic mission in the supply chain, production, sale and post-sale services in the field of automotive and related industries.

AZIM KHODRO group tries to offer the best services according to "mutual respect", "honesty", "trust", "satisfaction," and the quantitative and qualitative upgrading of satisfaction index.

We hope by utilizing valuable human capital, specialized ability and firm determination, development of AZIM KHODRO could be achieved through conforming to the principles and values governing the economic and Islamic culture