Azimkhodro About


PARSIAN AZIM KHODRO has been in this business since 2002 in achieving the goals of macroeconomic policies and contributing to the country's economic growth with paradigm of change, the transformation in providing welfare and comfort for the people.

The company has been through ups and downs, during over course of its activities, furthermore, being a part of Iran's leasing association and specialization of this industry, it paved the way for AZIM KHODRO to choose its mission as the first operational brokerage in 2005 when it became a member of this association afterward. In this regard, the company always strives to overcome the challenges and limitations and pave the way for operational brokerage. These efforts can be considered as development and acceleration of brokerage services, customer satisfaction and also supplying customer's needs as the most important strategy of the company.

Vision and Mission

Facilitating and strengthening the required infrastructure.

Balanced and continuous growth through comprehensive planning and elimination of existing barriers in development, balanced growth in the field of business development and balanced development in the field of human resources.

Creating sustainable value in the automotive industry chain

Creating opportunities for customers

Participating in the codification and supervision over execution of consumer protection law and its executive code of conduct.

Supervision over the performance of customer's surveys system and settling their complaints

Creating sustainable benefits for employees and stakeholders
Organizational Values

Human honesty and dignity.

Human honesty and dignity.

Observing honesty in speech and behavior.

No monopoly in providing accurate, appropriate, transparent and punctual information

Avoid the repetition and distribution of unrealistic news

Respectful behavior and providing the necessary explanation along with kindness and admiration

Acting with fair behavior in the workplace, avoid inappropriate comparisons

Acknowledgment of valuable experiences and honest services of colleagues

Paying attention to the improvement and improvement of staffs' physical and mental health.

Participation and Attentiveness

Responsiveness to the duties and responsibilities delegated by the company

Accepting responsibilities according to the knowledge, ability, expertise and skills necessary and adequate

Empathy and companionship of colleagues with team members instead of competing unconstructively with them

Keeping track of affairs to achieve the desired goals

Being volunteer in accepting new tasks pertaining to organization's position

No delay in decision making correct and punctual based on accurate information

Effective collaboration to operate new ideas and strategies

Intellectual support from newly recruited, and transferring knowledge and experiences to others

Endless Endeavor for the success of the group and achieving shared goals within an organization.

Productivity and Effectiveness

Providing new and convenient ideas and strategies in order to increase profitability

Optimal cost management to perform tasks and efforts in order to increase the effectiveness of activities

Appropriate and effective design and planning to achieve the desired results

Performing the task in an effective manner in order to achieve the best result

Applying the efficiency approach to optimizing the company's facilities and opportunities